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  Boneless Pork Chops 'America’s Cut;' cut ¾ inch; approx. 5-6 oz.  
Center Cut Pork Chops
Cut ¾ inch; approx 8 oz.; bone-in.  
  Stuffed Pork Chops Two center cut chops stuffed with home-made cornbread or sage & onion dressing.  
  Thick Loin Cut Pork Chops Cut 1 ½ inch; approx. one lb; perfect for ‘The Embers’ restaurant One Pound Pork Chop – ask us for a copy.  
  Apple/Cherry Pork Roast Boneless pork loin stuffed w/granny smith apples & Michigan sun-dried cherries.  
  Boneless Pork Loin Roast    
  Cordon Bleu Pork Roast Boneless pork loin stuffed w/’Boar’s Head’ Black Forest Ham & Domestic Swiss cheese.  
  Cornbread Stuffed Pork Roast Boneless pork loin stuffed w/home-made Cornbread dressing.  
  Pork Roast Italiano Boneless pork loin stuffed w/Prosciutto ham, Provolone & Mozzarella cheese.  
  Pork Crown Roast A Holiday favorite; cooking instructions & decorative chop holders included.  
  Pork Butt (shoulder roast) Used for ‘Pulled Pork’ sandwiches; ask us for a copy of our recipe.  
  Standing Rib of Pork Elegant and easy – recipe provided.  
  Andoulle Cajun Sausage Dearborn brand; 1 lb. Pkgs.; great for Jambalaya.  
  Apple/Cherry Sausage** Pure pork, sage seasoning, granny smith apples & Michigan sun-dried cherries.  
  Bulked-up Brats Bratwurst with chopped onion, bell pepper & Cheddar.  
  Bulk Breakfast Sausage        
  Chipotle Verde Sausage Spicy Pork Sausage with Chipotle Cheddar, green chilis & onion.  
  Chorizo (spicy Mexican recipe)**        
  Fresh Holiday Kielbasa* 80% pork, 20% beef with just a little extra fresh garlic!  
  Fresh Polish Sausage        
  German Hot Dogs Dearborn Brand; skinless; 5 per lb; our most popular hot dog.  
  German Hot Dogs 6 lb box 30 count  
  German Hot Dogs 3 lb pkg. 15 count  
  Herb & Sun-Dried Tomato** Pure pork sausage w/a blend of Italian herbs, garlic, chopped sun-dried tomatoes & Mozzarella cheese.  
  Hot Italian Sausage        
  Italian Sausage Supreme** Slightly spicy w/diced red & green bell peppers, onions & Mozzarella cheese.  
  Jalapeno/Cheddar Brats Bratwurst with chopped Jalapeno peppers & Cheddar.  
  Link Breakfast Sausage        
  Maple/Blueberry Breakfast Links Our breakfast links w/pure maple sugar & blueberries!  
  Natural Casing Hot Dogs Dearborn Brand; approx. 8 per lb; Coney style dogs.  
  Natural Casing Polish Hot Dogs Dearborn Brand; 4-5 per lb; smoked, natural casing.  
  Sicilian Style Italian Sausage** Pork sausage w/Chianti, Romano & Parmesan cheeses.  
  Skinless Polish Hot Dogs Dearborn Brand; smoked; these are Marv’s favorite!  
  Smoked Holiday Kielbasa* Dearborn Brand; coarse ground; smoky flavor.  
  Smoked Polish Sausage Dearborn Brand  
  Sweet Italian Sausage        
  Toasted Garlic Sausage** Pure pork, w/sun-dried tomatoes.  
  Boar’s Head Canadian Bacon        
  Ham Steaks Center cut slices of Dearborn Brand semi-boneless ham.  
  Platter Bacon Hickory smoked; standard slice; our most popular.  
  Ranch Cut Bacon Hickory smoked; thick slice.  
  Semi-Boneless Ham Dearborn Brand; whole hams 14-17 lbs;
half hams 7-9 lbs.
  Smoked Ham Shanks        
  Spiral Cut Hams Dearborn Brand; spiral sliced; honey/brown sugar glazed; whole hams 14-17 lbs; half hams 7-10 lbs.  
  Baby Back Ribs A Marv’s specialty; cut from our own pork loins; we guarantee these are the meatiest ribs you have ever seen; ask for a copy of Michael’s Can’t Miss, Perfect Every Time, Falling off the Bone Baby Back Ribs recipe.  
  Boneless Country Style Ribs        
  BBQ Style Spareribs*        
  MISC. PORK:      
  Boneless Pork Stew (extra lean)        
  City Chicken Pork & veal stew on a skewer; just bread it, brown it & bake it.  
  Cubed Pork Cutlets        
  Ground Pork        
  Mock Chicken Legs Seasoned ground pork molded on a skewer & breaded with yellow cornmeal; kids love ‘em.  
  Pork Tenderloin        
  Side Pork Fresh frozen in approx. one lb. pkgs.  
  Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Spinach, Goat cheese & roasted red peppers; Spinach, bacon & Feta.  
  Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms Portobello mushroom caps stuffed a blend of our homemade sweet Italian sausage, feta cheese & basil or Southwest style with a blend of homemade Chorizo sausage, onion, bell peppers & Monterey Jack & cheddar cheeses.  
  All of Marv’s fresh sausages are house made from scratch with no fillers, no additives and no preservatives.
  All items are wrapped for freezing.
These items are seasonal and may not always be readily available.
These sausages are made fresh, flash frozen and vacuum packaged 4 links per package (approx. 2 lbs.).
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