The following items are available, though due to market price fluctuations and light demand are not always carried in stock. Please call for information, prices and availability.  
Breaded Veal Patties
4 oz.; 10 per pkg.; frozen  
  Ground Veal Fresh ground Fall through Spring.  1 lb pkgs. frozen in Summer.  
  Veal Loin Chops*        
  Veal Osso Bucco* 2 inch  
  Veal Scallops 4 oz.; 4 per pkg.; frozen  
  Veal Stew        
  Ground Lamb 1 lb pkg. frozen  
  Lamb Stew 1 lb pkg. frozen  
  Leg of Lamb (bone-in 7-8 lbs)        
  Leg of Lamb (boneless 6-7 lbs)        
  Loin Lamb Chops 1-1/2 inch  
  Rack of Lamb* 8 ribs  
  * Special order - call for availability.
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